With lush forests, awesome landscapes and amazing wildlife, the island country of New Zealand is a great place to unwind. Located around 1500 kms away from the Australian landmass across on Tasman Sea, this country is said to be one of the last lands of the world to be settled on by humans. It is because of its remoteness that the place has distinct biodiversity of its own with a large number of unique bird species and a unique animal, plant and fungal life. The sharp mountain peaks and varied topography is a result of tectonic shifts of land and volcanic eruptions over last millions of years. Also known as “Aotearoa” by the native Maoris, traveling to New Zealand offers a unique opportunity to visit the diverse cultural, physical and artistic landscapes that are set so close to each other.

Made of two main islands as well as a number of smaller islands, New Zealand is located quite near to the water hemisphere. Many of these islands are still uninhabited. The long and narrow coastline shape of the country including its far flung islands makes the country rich with its marine resources. In fact, with its Exclusive Economic Zone, the country has the largest marine land in the world covering over 15 times more than its actual land area. The country possesses a highly varied topography with steep mountains, deep fjords and some of the most active super volcanoes of the world. In fact, this topography as well as the existence of this whole country above waves has resulted due to its dynamic tectonic boundary it straddles between the Indo Australian Plates and the Pacific. This unique placement of the country has resulted in an indigenous and unique biodiversity of its own.

The modern society of the country is also counted among the most sophisticated and multicultural societies with Kiwis being honest, friendly and open towards every visitor visiting their country. Come to New Zealand for a hundred holidays and you will still have a unique experience every time. After all, there is much to see and do in every nook and corner of this small island country that will make your trip unforgettable and memorable.