About t2newzealand

With a complete range of travel and tourism services, t2newzealand is a premier travel services platform that offers a variety of travel products and services such as customized travel packages, hotel booking, and ticketing. These travel packages are customized according to the specifications of the individual group or even FITs (Foreign Individual Tourists). Along with the regular ticketing, the company also offers services related to passport assistance, accommodation, and entertainment requirement. Right from the travel consultation, our staff would help you in every aspect of your tour, including customized tour specifications, lodging reservations, car rentals, entertainment services as well as rail passage ticketing. Its massive pool of organized database management system helps t2newzealand takes care of all the aspects related to travelling and vacationing in New Zealand.


The major objective of our company is to be with you on your vacation, always making every trip of yours as hassle free as possible. Having real time data from over hundreds of destinations in New Zealand, we have literally perfected the art of travelling, to say the least. In fact, our resources related to destination management will make your tour as smooth and problem free as possible. These resource coordinates involve local expertise, human talent pool, infrastructural knowledge, expertise in various languages along with several others. In fact, these coordinates are directly related to the economic development of the tourism industry of your destination. Thus, it’s a win—win situation for both our business partners and end customers involved in the process. In fact, rather than furnishing you with the old style traditional information of the place you are visiting, we believe in giving real life data related to your chosen destination that will help you in your vacation.


With a customer base spanning both the national as well as the international arena, t2newzealand has latest state-of-the-art technological tools integrated to it that will establish its presence in the community through various media channels. These latest tools help in monitoring every aspect of your travel plan, thus helping in increasing the efficiency of communication. Through better communication, there are lesser chances of misunderstandings or hassles with both the customers as well as our suppliers. These unique advantages are what we are holding for the long run and demonstrate our thirst for excellence and customer satisfaction.

Nurturing Relationships

The main motive of our organization is nurturing our relationship with both our customers as well as the providers of the travel services. With this in view, we have chosen the best and the most professionals in their own field of expertise for each of your travel requirement. Some of the major hotel chains, ticketing agencies, renowned transporters and highly professional local agents of New Zealand have been chosen to be on this list. In fact, we are continuously evaluating and selecting only the best for you. We are in a continuous state of monitoring the tourism quality and the worthiness of every trade show, travel industry publications, and other travel related information sources for our customers and to make their travel plans as smooth and fulfilling as possible.

Competitive Advantages

With the world travel agency market becoming more and more competitive with every passing day, internet is one thing that has proven to be a major advantage over some of the more traditional ones. Internet or more specifically the computerized reservation system has changed the entire working of the travel agencies. T2newzealand has tapped onto this resource effectively by investing and hiring expert professionals on the same. In fact, to carry out our back office management, client management, and supply chain management effectively, we have increased our resources to keep everything going forward in a professional and organized manner. Accordingly we segment the information in two broad segments— descriptive detail accompanied with the visuals and the commercial data that is helpful to both the travellers as well as the business partners in a practical and economic way. This helps fulfilling two dual purposes—that of serving the service provider as well as the receiver.


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